7 Tips for Effective Fleet Wash

Submitted by Admin on January, 11 2022

Read about the seven effective step-by-step methods for fleet washing your truck! Gain helpful industry knowledge and have access to the best insights about fleet washing.


Submitted by Admin on May, 20 2021

Your fleet, whether it is one truck or a hundred trucks, is important to you. On the road they show everyone your company’s image. A truck wash is not just about what your trucks look like. The paint and wax protect your trucks but also look good. Under -chassis cleaning and maintenance makes it so you don’t end up with expensive repairs underneath later on. If you forget to clean underneath and you could be in for some repairs. Here is what to think about when you are choosing your new truck wash.


Submitted by Admin on May, 20 2021

Truck washes are not always good for the environment. They use a lot of water. They use a really, really lot of water. Also, some use harsh, nasty, toxic chemicals to clean the trucks. That combination of using up a lot of water and adding toxic chemicals to it is not very environmentally friendly. How a truck wash deals with their waste water can make a difference to how environmentally friendly they are. Which cleaning products they use can make a difference, too.


Submitted by Admin on May, 20 2021

Your truck wash will do their work to get your trucks clean. What happens after that will be up to the driver. By drying the truck right the wash and wax will last longer and look better. It is tempting to get back on the road quickly but taking the time to dry the truck each and every time does make a difference. It makes a difference to how long the wash and wax lasts this time. It also makes a difference to how the paint and finish on the truck last over the long haul.

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