Submitted by Admin on May-20-2021

Your truck wash will do their work to get your trucks clean. What happens after that will be up to the driver. By drying the truck right the wash and wax will last longer and look better. It is tempting to get back on the road quickly but taking the time to dry the truck each and every time does make a difference. It makes a difference to how long the wash and wax lasts this time. It also makes a difference to how the paint and finish on the truck last over the long haul.

Wait to go back onto the road and give the wax time to dry after your truck is washed. The wet wax attracts the dust and dirt from the road. It scratches the paint and makes the truck look dirty quickly.

Park the truck in the sun, someplace where there isn’t any dust. Wait there for the wax to dry. Towel dry if you think there might be water spots anywhere. Be careful with the towel though and don’t rub off the wet wax. Hand dry around mirrors and lights and the door frames to be sure they get dried well. You can use any cloth that won’t scratch the paint but a shimmy cloth is really best. It will absorb lots of water and won’t harm the paint. It is also lint-free so no bits of lint or cloth end up sticking to the wax. Between truck washes just throw the shimmy cloths into the washing machine and they are good as new.

Your truck wash will clean each truck in the fleet but the drying afterwards makes a difference, too. Parking in the sun while the truck dries, and hand drying a few spots with a shimmy cloth will make your truck look shiny and new and ready for the road again.

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