What are your working hours?

Our working hours run from Monday to Friday 7 AM to 11PM and Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 8PMĀ but may exceed someday depending on the flow of job at hand.

What services do you offer?

We offer machine or robotic and touchless cleaning service for your vehicle. To make sure that there are no parts untouched, we also have a manual thorough check-up that ensures everything is clean.

How long do I have to wait while the vehicle is being washed?

There are different time schedule for each type of vehicle depending on their size. This should generally take you aboutĀ 7 minutes minimum and 20 minutes maximum. The bigger your vehicle, the more time it takes to clean and this is what gives you average wait time.

Since many vehicles come with a lot of soil, snow how do you give consistent results for such a condition?

Marshal Truck Wash gives a wash that automatically removes all unwanted particles from the vehicle before undergoing main wash. This is to expose and remove complex soils particles from the road. Manual cleaning also spot-cleans the vehicle especially where machine could not.

Because of difference in vehicles, does your system really adapt to these different shapes and sizes?

Yes. The system is designed to cover such concerns. We have additional features that allow sprays to quickly adapt to different shapes of vehicles while disabling any spray that strays. This protects areas that are sensitive like an open top of a trailer.

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