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Ever wonder what the difference between a lube and an oil change is? They both do the same job but on different parts of the vehicle. When a mechanic says “lube”, he or she is referring to the necessary lubrication that various suspension and steering parts require to operate efficiently and prevent premature breakdown. Basically, if it moves, turns, spins, or bounces, it is going to need something to reduce the wear and tear caused by heat and friction. Preventative maintenance in this area can save you a lot of hassle with roadside breakdowns and increased labor.

 We understand how frustrating it can be that you can't find the right part for your truck. Even if you are lucky enough to find the part, you may encounter various barriers, such as high import costs, no durability standards, unverified sellers and many others. To alleviate your frustration with this situation and make it easier for you to locate the right parts for your truck, we decided to step in and offer our on-site distribution service.

Acknowledged for selling only high-quality parts for trucks in the entire Aurora region. Our company maintains high-security and safety standards when selecting the most appropriate product for a client's needs.

Among the various parts you can find here is any kind of component that may be difficult to access in the market. We assure you that the parts will be delivered within a reasonable time frame and at competitive pricing.

Contact us for more updates on the parts availability and place your order in just 5 Minutes

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