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Your fleet, whether it is one truck or a hundred trucks, is important to you. On the road they show everyone your company’s image. A truck wash is not just about what your trucks look like. The paint and wax protect your trucks but also look good. Under -chassis cleaning and maintenance makes it so you don’t end up with expensive repairs underneath later on. If you forget to clean underneath and you could be in for some repairs.

Here is what to think about when you are choosing your new truck wash.

  • Cleaning Products

    Check the cleaning products that are used by the truck wash. The cheapest shampoo, wax, and alloy wheel cleaners are not the best products. You wouldn’t even consider using them. So, make sure that the truck wash is using cleaning products you would use yourself. Your paint and other finishes will suffer if they use cheap cleaners on your truck.

  • Other Services

    Check out the other services the truck wash offers. See if they will clean the inside of your trucks or do extra cleaning for really dirty spots. Sometimes these extra cleaning jobs need to be done. There is no point in making it so the truck wash only does part of the job. The driver should not have to do the extra cleaning. Find a truck wash that will do the extra cleaning jobs.

  • Price

    You get what you pay for in a truck wash. If they use good cleaning products that costs money. If they are using the latest equipment they have made a big investment in that. If their price is too low then their ability to clean the trucks properly is probably not very good either. Find a truck wash with a fair price.

  • Reputation

    Check what other people think. Look on the internet. Check the company’s own website and any customer reviews. Ask your friends who have trucks. Ask the ones that have nice, clean trucks.

Picking a truck wash is like picking a mechanic. Find one that charges a fair price and other people trust. That’s the best way to choose your new truck wash.

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